Blogs suck, they are too hard to keep updated. I’ve done a piss poor job of it. I’d blame the kids for keeping me busy, but in truth I’ve just been lazy.

2023 was filled with adventure for the kids and I. We had a gentleman in Lehi named Shaun Nimtz build us a custom camping trailer. With that purchase I decided to swap out the vehicle we used with a Ford Maverick so we had the towing capability we needed to get things to the camp site without issue. We spent just about every weekend this year out camping with that little trailer. The kids and I sure enjoyed the time together on those adventures and we are looking forward to more camping in 2024.

The bikes didn’t sit around, but also didn’t see a lot of dirt. Most of the time spent was on the road with the kids. Maxwell has moved up to a Commencal Ramones 20″ wheel bike and he is doing so well on it. He was happy to have something with gears. Clair is rocking the Strider for the most part, but she can ride the little 16″ Scott we have if I help her start and stop. I think by next spring she will be in a better position to make the transition.

Here are some random pictures from the adventures this year.

The outlook for 2024 looks to be clear. We will continue to grow and search out new adventures. We have the idea of making it to Texas for the solar eclipse. Hoping to take the truck and trailer on a road trip down there for that. Dad just needs to get off his ass and make the plans before it is too late. Father seeking motivation!

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