Well, the kids and I have kicked off the start of the fishing season! I don’t think they are as excited as I am, but there was definitely some excitement from them.

We ran into some issues with Maxwell’s reel on the first outing. It was troublesome last year, but I stuck with it. I gave up on it the first day of the season and replaced it with a bait caster. I’m not sure yet this was the best decision. With me having no experience with them it has been a new experience. We got quite a bit of backlash in it the first outing and ended up with a bird nest at the end of the day. I re-lined it today with some mono and 20lb braided line and did some adjustments on it. Took it out without the kiddos tonight to see if I could get a better feel for it and ended up landing five or six trout with it at. Still isn’t perfect, but was much better than the first try. Think I can get it out again later this week to try and dial it in even more. We will see how the boy does with it this coming weekend.

I guess we need to figure out what setup we are going to get for Clair as well. She asked for a fishing pole when we went out and I didn’t have one I felt comfortable with letting her use at the time. Maybe we just get one like big brothers?

I asked Maxwell what he was going to do when he catches his first fish. He said he was going to make a fish pie with it. I sure hope he doesn’t ask me to taste it!

Here are a few shots from the weekend with the kids and then some of the fish I caught on Tuesday evening while testing the new bait caster

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