I wasn’t sure where I was going today when the wife asked. All I knew is I was getting out on the kayak and I was going alone this time. After our adventures yesterday I think PD needed a day off and Maxwell needed some mom time. I loaded up the kayak gear and a way I went.

I quickly set out in the direction of Brough Reservoir and then while going east on US 40 I decided I was looking for something a bit more mountainous. I flipped around and headed west on US 40 with my destination set for Moon Lake. This is one we have fished at before, but never on the kayak. It takes a little over an hour to get there from Roosevelt which still gave me a fair amount of time to be out on the water before I needed to be home. I did tell the wife I wouldn’t be gone all day like I was the day before.

This is another gem in the area we live in. I love just being at this lake, everything about it is perfect. Well mostly perfect. There are times when there are too many people, today wasn’t one of those days. It was really quiet and low traffic. Not sure if it was the wild fires near this area or what, but it was perfect for me today.

Then it happened, that damn wind kicked up while I was out on the water and made getting to my water destination one heck of a task. I made it, but at times it really felt like I was going backwards in the water.

I had a little bit of trolling in the kayak and Tenkara action on the shore today. All in all it was a very relaxing day on the water and I even ended up catching a few fish. Not big fish, but fish are fish. #GetOutAndFish

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