The goal today when we started out was to fish Moccasin Lake. This is a lake that is half a mile or so from Chepeta on foot. PD, Maxwell and I left the house at 6:45am, just fifteen minutes off our target. These lakes are located in the Ashley National Forest, a beautiful area. PD wanted to try fishing the White Rocks river along the way so we stopped at one of the sections there where the road crosses it. We didn’t stay long here after he deemed it void of any fish.

We moved on to Hidden lake which wasn’t much further up the road from the river. This one you have to hike in from the road a ways. Maybe half a mile or a bit more? Last time we fished here I had no luck with fish. This time I at least caught a nice Cutthroat Trout. My first I believe.

Hidden Lake has to be one of my favorite lakes to fish. I’ve only caught one fish here, but the hike and lake itself is just beautiful. We unfortunately had a problem here today. Maxwell ended up breaking one of the segments in PD’s Tenkara rod. This boy gets a bit too crazy at times and the rod paid the price today.

We stuck around Hidden Lake until noon and then headed for the car when the weather started to change. It rained the last time we fished this area and again today. Lunch was served in the car today while we waited out the storm.

After the storm passed we made our way up to Moccasin Lake and then beyond that to Papoose Lake. It is posted at 1.5 miles from Chepeta, which isn’t as fun as it sounds when you have a twenty six pound child on your back!

PD and I both caught a nice Brown trout about the same time while we were at Papoose. Ended up having them in the same net there in the end and he had to get a picture with his.

We made it home just a bit before 7pm. It is already a struggle, but a joy to get Maxwell out on these adventures. #GetOutAndFish

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