The day started of with some work for patch Sunday and quickly turned into some fun times with the boys. PD decided the best place to go today was Big Springs and Corbin was coming this time so we had to make a quick stop in Myton to purchase his Tribal license. After that we headed for the Unitas to some fish and cooler weather.

We rocked Big Springs today with the total fish count. I landed well over twenty rainbow trout today myself and the boys did well themselves. PD even managed to hook a 70+ pound something or other, Corbin didn’t appreciate the hook to the back at the time. We will see how he feels about it once the soreness wears off. PD had a bit of tenkara action going on part of the day, but caught most of them off the standard rod and reel. I stuck with the eagle rod myself because I was having such good luck with it I could switch.

There was one fault today. I was lazy and just wanted to fish so I skipped the sun screen. That was a bad move. I’m a bit toasted right now and regretting that decision.

Really looking forward to next year. I think this would be a great place for him to fish when he moves beyond just throwing rocks from the shore.

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