My wife says I always have to be doing something. Maybe that is true. Maxwell and I headed up Uinta canyon this afternoon to visit with my in-laws that are camping up there. And of course to get some fishing in.

We ended up parking at the Uinta trailhead and walking the half mile or so up to Smokey Springs to fish. I believe we spent more time throwing rocks into the creek than fishing. That worked out because the fish weren’t biting anyways. Maybe they just didn’t like the fly I had on the tenkara rod, I was too lazy to change it out to find out.

I always enjoy the time I get to spend with Maxwell outdoors. My promise to him is to keep getting him out. Too many things to see and do in this world.

He took a little power nap on the way out. Guess that works out when dad is the one packing you around. He had the energy to get into everything when we made it to the camp site!

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